Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thank You Rick Santelli. Madison a Fitting TEA Party Tribute

It's been two years now:)

The CBOT rant heard round the country.

Andrew Breitbart today: We the people. We the people will prevail.
Despotism can only exist in darkness, and there are too many lights now in the political firmament to permit it to remain anywhere, as it has heretofore done, almost everywhere
--James Madison

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Blue Dogs Turn Red

The midterms were no fluke. Meet Ashley Bell.

And even a plurality of Democrats oppose raising the debt ceiling. The Hill.

More shaky blues: Blue Dogs have 'no communication' with Pelosi, Dem leadership, says Shuler:
Rep. Heath Shuler also said the centrists have more in common ideologically with former President Ronald Reagan than Nancy Pelosi.…
We the people are the ones we've been waiting for:)
P.S. Dan Riehl: DLC folds

Mike Memoli
Palin on FBN tonight: "It’s not good ... to hear our President obstinately denying the need to move to the center."
...Is our president Barack Obama out of touch?

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