Monday, November 9, 2009

Weathervane at Mt. Vernon

Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
George Washington

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Pungent Imagery from Pawlenty

“They should be focused like a laser on jobs, not acting like a manure-spreader in a wind storm,” Pawlenty told Iowa Republicans gathered in an exhibition hall at the state fairgrounds, criticizing Democrats for their efforts on healthcare and energy.
The Minnesota Governor and presumed GOP presidential candidate also went after President Obama on the failure of the stimulus and the high unemployment rate. Pawlenty proposed tax cuts to grow the economy again. Politico. Pawlenty behind the scenes:

Sneaky Pomeroy

Did Earl Pomeroy Vote For A Health Care Ponzi Scheme?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Peterson, Pomeroy No for Now

Peterson voting against health care bill for the sake of his grandkids. Fargo Forum.

He's not alone. More:

Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN): We Are Adding More Entitlements When We Can't Pay For The Ones We Have Now. "I wish people would quit asking about the public option because it's not what the issue is. This is complete ideology run amuck. The issue is we are not reforming Medicare. We are adding more entitlements without being able to pay for the entitlements we have now." On the Medicare-payment reform studies in the House bill, Peterson added, "There are not reforms there, it's a study. "I mean. I have so many problems with this bill I don't even know where to start - too much government bureaucracy, not making the reforms that we need to make in the health care system overall. "I don't think there's any way that I could support what they're doing unless they start over. That's how bad it is. (Tom Scheck, "Collin Peterson A Firm No On Health Care Bill,", 10/30/09)

Next door in RedState North Dakota Dem Rep. Earl Pomeroy feeling the heat too.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mellow Fall

TeaParty HealthCare House Call

Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann rallied 10,000 or so TeaParty Patriots to make a house call on their representatives to express their opposition to the Dem bill, and voice their views on alternative reforms.

Initial news reports were that some conservative protesters had been arrested at the Capitol but it turns out they were Code Pinkos, which Politico noted deep in their story.

The Dems have the majority but do they have the votes? Abortion is still an issue.

I blogged a bit on the rally here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Independents Flex Their Muscles

Look especially at upscale suburban districts--they went for Obama last time, falling for his so cool persona amid the financial bust last fall. But the Barackstar has taken us over a liberal big government cliff, plunging us into economic peril and promising never-ending tax increases. Michael Barone, Washington Examiner draws lessons from the election results.

This should impact Chicago suburbs as well in next year's election. The stimulus has been a sad joke in Obama's home state. Add to that the parallels of Illinois to New Jersey on their failing economic models, taxes and rampant corruption and you have a glimmer of hope for the Land of Lincoln to turn purple too in 2010.

The electorate is in a state of flux, the TeaParty movement was an early indicator, but the shift is clear--to the right.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conservative Challengers 2010: Kirk Target

The Politico calls it a "nightmare scenario". We shall see. Conservative Eric Wallace has withdrawn for the Senate in Illinois, so conservative support should coalesce around anti-tax Patrick Hughes. ( A bit of a rookie politically) NBC5Chicago:
Hughes is currently the Chairman of Sensible Taxpayers Opposed to Increased Taxes. STOP-IT is a committee whose mission is to prevent any increase in the state income tax, cut wasteful spending and lessen the impact of special interests in Springfield. They are responsible for lobbying for fiscal responsibility and restraint in state government. According to his campaign site, "Pat was credited by state party leaders, including House Minority Leader Tom Cross and State Senator Kirk Dillard, with playing a major role in defeating Governor Pat Quinn’s proposed 50% income tax increase on Illinois taxpayers."
Kirk got in trouble because he voted for cap and tax. Yes, it was a massive tax under cover of a feel good greenie lalaland bill--with corporate and crony subsidies. (Note Al Gore's greedy gambit finally exposed in the NY Times.)

To his credit he is at least listening now, and says he won't vote for it again in the Senate. And he has blasted SEIU/ACORN.

Fiscal issues, jobs and the economy predominate this year and barring any miraculous recovery, will continue well into 2010. The conservative mood of the country is on the march. Match it or fall by the wayside.

HT Memeorandum.

More. Mary Kate Cary, USA Today, American Mainstream Is Looking More Like Republican Mainstream. Related posts, Just Words from Valerie Jarret. And No Uncle Joe.

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