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10th District Dirty Tricks by Coulson/SEIU?

I first noticed this bizarre anti-tea party ad on my other site, The Middle Coast last night, and was amazed to see an attack on 1oth Congressional District candidate Dr. Arie Friedman scroll across the screen. I see the ad is still popping up for me today.

I've endorsed Arie, been to more than one coffee, and their attack is a flagrant lie.

So who's behind this group? Who's funding them? What do you know, it's the SEIU. HotAir has the story: Another good reason to use transparency rather than McCain-Feingold for reform:
Lee Doren looks at the case of a new campaign effort called, and who’s behind it:

It is paid for by the American Public Policy Committee. Well, according to, the two donors for American Public Policy Committee this year are Patriot Majority and Patriot Majority West.

However, according to, the 2nd largest contributor in 2008 to Patriot Majority was SEIU and other top Unions around America. I imagine the diversion of Union money gets much deeper than this.

And who has had a cozy relationship with the SEIU over the course of her liberal GOP political career?

Not only does SEIU/ACORN claim credit for Obama's victory in Indiana, they point to IL 11th CD US Rep. Debbie Halvorson as another 2008 election trophy. At the state level, several House and Senate members were helped by the SEIU:


Note: State Rep. Beth Coulson (Glenview) is listed as a Democrat in the list, but she runs as a Republican.
One Beth Coulson, current state Rep., and also candidate for the 10th (not endorsed by her home organization by the way). Beth Coulson you are a disgrace. Why haven't you returned your SEIU money? Oh, because you are already funded by outsiders. If you had any decency you would denounce these underhanded tactics--hardly good government, which you pretend to espouse. From one of my earlier posts on SEIU/ACORN:
Yes, we have some Illinois Republicans involved that we need to root out. If they want to remain politically viable--and for some they are too compromised, given their records--they need to repudiate ACORN/SEIU totally. As for helping the poor--what are they really doing? They are victimizing them and skimming the money off the top.
More on Coulson ties here.

We can't let these shady creeps win! SUPPORT Dr. Arie Friedman! Walk precincts if you can. I am. And VOTE Arie Friedman on Tuesday in the 10th.

UPDATE: I would add, not surprisingly Beth Coulson is one of the few Republicans who takes SEIU money. In response, the Friedman campaign had this to say. Campaign Manager Paul Miller:
"The Friedman campaign has been inundated with calls from across the country all supporting his candidacy and condemning this leftist smear tactic.
This attack against Dr.Friedman demostrates how the political left fears his candidacy," said Campaign Manager Paul Miller. "We hope our primary oppoenents will join us in condemning these smear tactics and the SEIU for funding such shameful antics."
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Hawkeye Healthy Living

Iowa City: "Healthiest Town in the United States". Coralville Courier (suburban Iowa City). Yes they have suburbs in Iowa. Last time I visited was working for Romney just over two years ago.

Must be more summer sun than winter. It certainly seems like that in the northern tier of states.

The top three picks are in the heartland.

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Democracy in America

After the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance and free speech, The Economist blog, Democracy in America, posits: This Senator brought to you by Gazprom

Well, hmm, I would say this president brought to you by the MSM.

On balance, I agree with the Supremes. Because I like reading books. Being informed.

And one of the reasons I blog is because I wasn't satisfied with having my letters to the editor of the local newspaper truncated or censored at election time...or any other time.

So why do you blog, The Economist?

And what is Democracy in America? A republic, if we can keep it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Court date moved in Gladney case

Blogger 24thState:
I'm sitting on top of original video that could be passed to the county prosecutor, and I've called and left my number should he want it. It's rather strange that a counselor would count on YouTube videos and not original video that no one but those who shot it and myself have seen, but hey - I wouldn't have waited four months to press charges so what could I possibly know about swift application of the law? I figure we'll wait to see what the prosecutor does, and what McCowan, Molens, Matthews, Johner, and Spitz say, and then release the video ourselves. This has the added benefit that if we give video to the prosecutor, he has to share it with the defense. If I hold onto it, they don't know what we have, and if witnesses for the defense lie, we'll be able to prove it. I think 18 minutes of footage and over 100 photographs from the event ought to be enough to determine who was there and what they said. Don't you?
That was quite a town meeting. Illuminating the thuggery of the powers that be in more ways than one.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Show-Me State

Even though they like her better...Blunt tops Carnahan in latest Senate race poll. KC Star.

It's the substance that puts the GOP ahead.

And the rebuttal to the Missouri Dem governor's state of the state by the GOP Lt. Governor, in part:

These are tough times, and I know you’re here tonight and watching at home because you want honest answers about the future of our state.

12 months ago, Governor Nixon announced that hundreds of millions of dollars of so-called “stimulus” funds were heading to Missouri. And, despite our warnings, he irresponsibly chose to balance his budget with that money.

Here we are, one year later. And due to the governor’s failure to act swiftly to address the budget crisis, we now face an even bigger shortfall.

As for those federal stimulus dollars: the Governor has already spent over 80% of that money.

You see, we were promised that this money would help put people back to work. But today our state is facing a nearly 10% unemployment rate; the highest rate in over a quarter of a century. Just days ago we found out that Missouri lost another twenty-six hundred jobs in December, adding to the thousands of Missourians who have lost their jobs since Governor Nixon took office.

Tonight, just like Washington politicians, Governor Nixon called for several new government programs. But each of these new programs will cost money—money that we do not have.

Read on, read on. The governor cooked the books with "Wall Street-style accounting" and kept the people in the dark. Sounds familiar. All across the country.

Friday, January 15, 2010

On the hunt

Pomeroy Oughta Go

Another NoDak Dem may drop, this time the sole House member, Earl Pomeroy. Grand Forks Herald:

Since September, Cramer said, Pomeroy “reneged on his promise” to vote against a “government takeover of the health system,” in voting for the House health-reform bill, which Pomeroy said was flawed, but voted for the measure to keep health reform viable, and pledged to work to improve it.

“In North Dakota we don’t keep bad ideas alive,” Cramer said. “We just kill them.
Retire, Earl. Before the choice is taken out of your hands.

P.S. Another Dem Rep. turns tail and decides not to run. RedState.

Don't Tread on Us

Kansas rally in support of a 10th amendment resolution:

The resolution is symbolic, but its sponsors say it sends a message that many Kansans are unhappy with the federal government's power over the states.

"It says simply 'don't tread on our freedom," said the bill's main sponsor, Sen. Mary Pilcher Cook, a Shawnee Republican.

Health care reform was mentioned most often as a cause for concern, but attendees also pointed to federal immigration policy, abortion rights, environmental regulations, gun control, the Recovery Act and laws that threaten to take away federal funds if the states don't meet certain requirements.

This issue is not going away. And beyond the huge expense to states, there's the question about the constitutionality of the individual mandate to buy healthcare.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

MiddleCoast Notes

Local story: North Dakota would suffer under cap-and-trade

The only state in the country that has been a job-creating success story and the Obamabots want to kill it. Some feet to the fire prairie fire sentiment even there though, for the current governor, now new GOP (takeover) Senate candidate:

Hoeven: I Didn’t Attend Any Tea Parties Because I Wasn’t Invited

The Firing Of Keith Gladney
. If you don't remember the name Gladney, his brother was the vendor knocked down and beaten by the SEIU at a St. Louis Tea Party presence at a Carnahan townhall meeting. The attackers were given a slap on the wrist.

Recalling Some Sense. Mary Landrieu's Louisiana Purchase in bad odor among some at home.

Dem AG Joins Fight Against ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ Bipartisan revulsion.

UPDATE: More from Shreveport. Protests.

Monday, January 11, 2010

In Defense of Tea Parties

A small businesswoman in California, FED UP at a town meeting. (Video below). Tunku Varadarajan, The Daily Beast. I am a Tea Partier. Millions of Americans are, shocked into demonstrating and speaking up at town meetings as never before. We are often derided as rabble and slurred, when we are among the most productive and informed citizens out there.

We the People are the genesis of the Tea Parties.

And we won't shut up no matter what.

Watch: Saturday, February 28, 2009
Don't Mortgage Their Future
I don't recognize my country any more. Don't mortgage (steal) my grandchildren's future.
These women stood right in front. I saw them and spoke up about it, one took notes she was so intent, and came up to me afterwards. They were so worried. So I zoomed in on the picture. Don't mortgage my children's future Mr. President. Nancy Pelosi. Dick Durbin. This is wrong. This is so wrong. This is the legacy we leave them? Everlasting debt? What will they call our generation?

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Coast

Dems Could Lose the House

Via IBD. The non-partisan Cook Political Report broaches the subject and backs it up with numbers. The Massachusetts special election Senate race will be another key indicator, after GOP gubernatorial wins in purple Virginia and blue New Jersey this fall.

9 reasons why the Dec. jobs report is bad news for Dems. James Pethokoukis:

8. Combine a weak labor market – which may appear to be getting worse to voters – with the moribund housing market and rising gas prices, and you got a toxic triple threat that will be poisonous to Democratic incumbents and further drain Obama’s political capital.

But maybe they will steal the election the Chicago Way. Ed Lasky, The American Thinker. Maybe Rahmbo will have a new under the radar job. SEIU, ACORN, perhaps with new names. HT Steve Bartin.

We have to fight back so it's not close.

More. WaPo:

Gone is the bravado of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who a year ago in his farewell address to his House Democratic colleagues predicted that 2010 would resemble 1934. That year, for the third consecutive cycle, Democrats picked up seats as the public rallied behind President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal."

Instead, the Rothenberg Political Report is predicting that "substantial Republican gains now look almost inevitable." In the House, Rothenberg, an independent handicapper, considers 47 Democratic seats and just 14 GOP seats as competitive. Republicans need a net gain of 40 to take the majority.

We have to fight so they can't steal it.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dorgan Out

Feeling the Tea Party heat? in frigid North Dakota, the Dem Dorgan bows out:

Dorgan's decision stunned members of his party, who control the Senate but are facing spirited challenges from Republicans in several states. Democrats were confident heading into the new year that Dorgan would run for re-election even as rumors intensified that Republican Gov. John Hoeven would challenge him in November.

Early polling showed Dorgan trailing Hoeven in a hypothetical contest, and Democrats expected a competitive race if the matchup materialized.

Will his fellow Dem and lone Rep. Earl Pomeroy step up?

Good luck keeping those open seats in RedState NoDak.

I still remember Pomeroy's 14 year old nephew calling Rush, at home sick, but a fan, and reading one of his books despite his mom's (Pomeroy's sister's) horror...maybe he's old enough to run these days. It was during the Clinton administration. He didn't have coattails either.

At least four Democrats, including Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and five-term Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, are in serious trouble. Dorgan's decision means Democrats now will have to defend open seats in three states. The others are Delaware and Illinois, where Sens. Ted Kaufman, who has Vice President Joe Biden's old seat, and Roland Burris, who has President Barack Obama's old seat, aren't running for full terms.


P.S. Say Anything on a Pomeroy challenger. And another abrupt Dem announcement in swing state Colorado. Keep 'em coming:)


Cherry's decision to drop out makes Dillon the favorite for the Democratic nomination, Ferguson said. Ferguson acknowledged Dillon isn't a favorite son of organized labor, a major player in the Democratic Party, but said party factions will unite behind the eventual nominee, whoever it is.

"Democrats are not suicidal, just combative," he said.

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who himself considered and then decided against running for governor in 2010, said Cherry's ties to Granholm and her record would have made a campaign difficult.

"Had he run, he would have to run on Jennifer Granholm's record," Patterson said this morning. "And that's an indefensible record. He would have been held accountable."

An indefensible record.

...Dem Sen. Chris Dodd hangs it up. The Dems' year of living dangerously. And David Brooks thinks we are the ones who don't know what the hell is going on. We need him to give us an "educated" imprimatur.