Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vote Out Peterson, Gitmo Flip-Flopper

Vote Republican Lee Byberg, Minnesota 7.

From 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America The war against sharia is a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity:

President Barack Obama has indicated he will again attempt to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed into the U.S. for a federal trial after the midterm elections. The good news is the House Armed Services Committee cut off the funding this past spring when poll after poll showed a strong majority of the American people are opposed to the plan. If the House shifts to a Republican majority, it is unlikely the funding will be restored. We will be watching for the reelection results of those Democrats who first voted, in a non-binding vote on October 1, 2009, against authorizing the President to bring Guantanamo detainees into the U.S. for trial and then, when it counted a mere two weeks later, they switched their votes.

...we will be watching the Gitmo flip-floppers listed below (on the left). We urge our fellow Americans to vote for their opponents (listed on the right)...

Collin Peterson, MN-7, versus Lee Byberg
Peterson may talk a good game, but you can't trust him on national security.

Byberg spoke at a GOTV rally yesterday in Bemidji. Bemidji Pioneer:

Runaway spending in Washington, D.C., has to stop, says Lee Byberg, who wants to be the generation that stops it.

Increasing tax revenue and reducing costs are the only two ways to reach a balanced federal budget, Byberg said Saturday morning at a Beltrami Republicans pancake breakfast rally.

And the way to increase revenue is “by reducing individual and corporate taxes,” he said. “That will allow more of the economic engine to retain its profits to invest more into expansion, so you can do more R and D, so the risk takers will take more risk and develop,”

Reducing taxes will lead to more jobs, and then more tax revenue, Byberg said.

“I believe in free enterprise,” Byberg said. “That means is that I have to bring policy that will allow the most efficient dollars to stay in the economic engine or sending them to the federal government where they will be wasted.”

We can't afford this. Byberg pointed out "moderate" Peterson's voting record has shifted 30 points in favor of the Pelosi agenda--93% now-- during the last several years.

Another reason Peterson can't be trusted. VOTE for responsible governance--Lee Byberg.

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