Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Missouri's Claire McCaskill Under 50%:)

Via KC Prime Buzz, the Dem PPP poll says she's doing pretty well considering how unpopular Obama is. Hahaha. It's a dead heat already.

I'd say damning with faint praise.

The last time she ran she got in with the help of ACORN and her spouse was a big AH (slum landlord) beneficiary. She might have a little trouble with that this time.

More. Her GOP opponent Sarah Steelman is a former state legislator and state Treasurer. Steelman on the right:) She's a Club for Growth supporter and TEA party favorite.

McCaskill was a big surrogate spokesman for Obama. Lately she's been on FoxNews distancing herself and touting her independence.

Will she run ads bashing Obama as Dems did this last election with House Speaker Pelosi?

Claire will have a lot to answer for to the Show Me state.

More. The Fix. The Hill.

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