Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bill Ayers No Dream

There I was, sitting in Reagan National Monday morning, sipping a Starbucks by the United counter before going through security. I had a little time, so I was browsing through the news. Some military guys had borrowed a chair from my table. I looked up from time to time to enjoy the sun streaming through. That's when I saw Bill Ayers, an instant blight. Scruffy, thinning beard, dippy earring, and the wirerims, heading to order. I gathered my things, got my camera ready, and snapped a shot right when he got his coffee.

I asked--what are you doing in D.C. Mr. Ayers?

For a moment I thought he might be on my flight back to Chicago. Charming. Initially I guess he thought I was laying claim to his coffee or something. He gave me an uneasy cheesy smile when he realized I was taking his picture. I asked him if he was speaking at GW? (Only I said GFW, guess I had the VFW on my mind) He said oh you mean GW, he said no...was trying to decide if I was a fan, then said he was giving a lecture in Arlington to a Renaissance group on education--that's what I do, education--you shouldn't believe everything you hear about me, you know nothing about me. I said, I know plenty--I'm from Chicago, a conservative blogger, and I'll post this. (Oh, yeah, Bill Ayers, quite the Renaissance man, nail-bomber extraordinaire. Gee, I see another friend of Barack, U.S. Sec. of Education Arne Duncan was there too. "The conference theme is “A Time for Reflection, Celebration and Rebirth.” How touching. At best, useless, at worst, so wrong.)

Then, unprompted he said--I wrote Dreams From My Father. I said, oh, so you admit it. He said--Michelle asked me to. I looked at him. He seemed eager. He's about my height, short. He went on to say--and if you can prove it, we can split the royalties. So I said, stop pulling my leg. Horrible thought. But he came again--I really wrote it, the wording was similar. I said I believe you probably heavily edited it. He said--I wrote it. I said--why would I believe you, you're a liar.

He had no answer to that. Just looked at me. Then he turned and walked off, and said again his bit about my proving it and splitting the proceeds.

But the question remains--is Barack Obama a fraud? Is his myth-making creation and only major accomplishment a product of Bill Ayers' imagination? (or his own) Is our President Barack Obama's biography written by an unrepentant domestic terrorist?

Perhaps I'll become Bill Ayers' favorite conservative blogger and he can prove his authorship himself--turn over your notes Bill. And how about turning yourself in for your crimes.

I remember that era, Mr. Ayers. People died because of your actions, including your girlfriend. More would have if you had been more successful. And yet you have the gall to teach the teachers of our young. I won't forget your murderous intent, your shameful acts, your contemptible lies and evasions. And when history is written, I hope you'll be reviled--or forgotten.

As for our President, the verdict is still out. But Barack Obama called Bill Ayers friend and colleague for years. That in itself makes a damning statement.

UPDATE: My friend John Ruberry, Marathon Pundit links with remarks. Chicago News Bench links as well. If I ever write a book (of my own), I will love Tom Mannis to do a blurb for the jacket.

UPDATE: Jack Cashill, who first fleshed out the theory that Ayers ghostwrote Obama's book, on the new unofficial bio of Barack and Michelle, at the end of September:
In his new book, "Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage," Best-selling celebrity journalist, Christopher Andersen, has blown a huge hole in the Obama genius myth without intending to do so.

Relying on inside sources, quite possibly Michelle Obama herself, Andersen describes how Dreams came to be published -- just as I had envisioned it in my articles on the authorship of Dreams. With the deadline pressing, Michelle recommended that Barack seek advice from "his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers."
Read it all. Cashill's site here. Professor Ron Radosh with comments as well. James Simpson, DC Independent Examiner on the media silence.

More: Chicago Daily Observer links, lead story.

UPDATE: Comments enabled. Getting some email from conservatives, and one frustrated liberal:
Just admitted it. Unprompted. Just like that. Said he completely authored the entire Obama bio.
Almost as if he knew exactly what your most burning question for him would be.

What a load of horseshit. It even reads like fiction. But that's really all it takes to convince wingnuts. A lil innuendo.

Given all the circular links to reference other posts within your own blog, it seems you have a particularly unhealthy obsession.

It's a smart move on your part to not accept comments and feedback. Conservatives never cease to amaze me in the depths they will stoop to deceive.

I'm so glad your movement is fractured beyond near term repair. Enjoy your misery in the wilderness.

Cody Kessler
My response:
I enabled comments. Forgot to do it when I updated my format.

It wasn't my burning question at all. But it was obviously his.

I would have liked to ask, did you still feel you didn't bomb enough. But we were near security. In an airport. In D.C.
UPDATE: Just so readers know, I have been tracking Ayers for some time. I have an MBA from the University of Chicago. I've lived in the Chicago are for 30 years, so I know the Hyde Park and Chicago radical leftie milieu. And I first noted the release of his flag-stomping photo from the Hillary blog back during the campaign. My earliest posts on Ayers: Barack's Bomber Buddy, Taking Stock of Barack: A Radical Primer, Obama Responds on Che Flag, Judging Barack Obama, Clout List: Rezko Realtor on Obama Sale, Ayers-Dohrn SDS Reunion Tapes, Whiner Ayers, Ayers' Murderous Intent, The Trouble with Ayers, Fascist Obama Campaign, Obama's Founding Brothers, Subversives for Obama, Obama Ayers Khalidi

Barack Obama claims he hardly knew him. Bill Ayers was his political godfather.

UPDATE: Thanks for the links. Palin Twibe Blog. Punch.

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