Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bachmann on Offense

Smart Politics: Bachmann 'Sends a Message to the Left': Raises $89,000 in One Day. She does well raising money especially from individuals and donors. And get your conservative women calendar here.

The NY Times today takes a whack at her, referring to Bachmann as an "agitator", though they do note further down,
Still, Ms. Bachmann, a lawyer, former state senator and mother of five who with her husband, Marcus, a clinical therapist, has opened their home to 23 foster children
Obviously suspect.

Her likely Dem opponent Tarryl Clark is sure to raise taxes (she turned left after Reagan--obviously no tax is high enough)--how does that "keep people in their homes"?

A lot of what raises eyebrows at the flute-toned NY Times seems like common sense to me--and she's not the only one worried about the dollar as a measure of our financial strength--or weakness, as it stands now. I'd say she's pretty sharp.

More. This is interesting. Apparently the residents of 30 states are now to be marginalized by the Left as "Tenthers". Middle of the road Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa states his own concerns. The tea party spirit spreads.

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