Wednesday, December 16, 2009

T-Paw in New Hampshire

Carl Cameron on Special Report tonight described him as very conservative. I wouldn't say that. I would say conservative. And successful in a blue state, a remarkable achievement.

I wouldn't rule Pawlenty out, even though Mitt Romney lives in New Hampshire.

That said, this reimportation of drugs from Canada idea is really annoying. Where do the drugs come from anyway? Are they made in Canada? Under its socialized medicine? Nah. They come from elsewhere. And they're cheaper because Canada fixes the price, among other things.

So don't give us this cheap populist talk. Please governor. You know better.

P.S. Talk about the Mayo Model again.

More. Pioneer Press, with this snippet at the end:

Peter Spaulding, formerly John McCain's state chairman, said he is more familiar with Pawlenty due to the governor's visits to the state on behalf of McCain. He also praised the speech.

"I think he did very well. He talked about the fact that the Republican Party needs to be inclusive, to expand our base. He also mentioned several times that the party has to be a party of ideas, new ideas. Overall, I thought it was very well done," Spaulding said.

"I thought he had a good personality, a good delivery. He had a little bit of humor. Those are all things that go over well in New Hampshire."

He's good at retail politics. Union Leader. OK, this is good:

Today, Pawlenty blasted the Obama administration and the Democrats for promoting a what he described as a far too costly health care plan.

"President Obama was here in New Hampshire on New Hampshire primary night and said he was going to fix health care by bringing Republicans and Democrats together," he said. "Well, here we are in New Hampshire and now what we see is a monstrosity being jammed down our throats on almost a purely partisan basis and maybe entirely partisan basis." He called the Democratic-led process on Capitol Hill that has led to the likely passage of a health care reform package "one of the largest political bait and switch tactics in the modern history of the country." He said the Minnesota health care system, while imperfect, gives participants broad market choices. He said the state employee plan has kept cost increases at or near zero percent for the past five years.

Read on. Like the affinity with the tea party.

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