Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mayo Holds its Own

Excellent WaPo (9/20) piece on the Mayo Clinic model for healthcare. Front page Fargo Forum this week, as it mentions those hale and hearty Norwegians. (Shortened). Denver Post has it. (Updated and shortened.)

Not to be outdone, Wisconsin hosts model clinics as well, with a rebuttal to the naysayers:
Officials at Mayo and the other model centers reject the argument that their cost figures are explained mostly by demographics. Gundersen’s Thompson points to the high rates of smoking and drinking among many Wisconsin residents. “The stereotype that we’re all bachelor Norwegian farmers out there working till we’re 95 isn’t exactly right,” he said. Gundersen vice president Kathy Klock chimed in, “Have you ever been to Packers stadium?”
No need to encourage any more Packer-Viking rivalry this year. There might be blood.

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