Monday, March 1, 2010

Purple (State) With Rage

The Pessimistic Purple: Why Are Voters in Swing States the Most Discontented? Smart Politics.

Interesting. We've got a Forbes piece-- Blue States Spill the Most Red Ink, that I've enlarged on, now this purple phenomenon. I'm not much of a stats person but given I've lived in a Blue State for some time I think I can say with some authority--most blue staters benefit from the Big Government leviathan--until they don't.

So they are kind of a lagging indicator, you might say they are clueless Blue on the big picture. There are of course some red Cassandras in the mix.

As for Red staters, the Forbes story illustrates they are among the most financially secure. That might have something to do with their value system and politics, not to mention their fundamental understanding that big government is not what makes this country work.

I concur with Smart Politics on this--the swing Purple Staters are disappointed in The One. They propelled him to victory, they may deliver the Dems a defeat this fall.

They thought he was a moderate purple kind of guy. They were wrong. But in all fairness, Barack Obama lied to them.

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