Monday, March 8, 2010

St. Louis Ground Zero: Tea Party vs. Coffee Party Astroturf

24th State with the further expose of the group in action headed by a former NY Times strategy analyst turned Obama campaign organizer (grassroots my). In part:

The coffee party is a fraud. It's purpose is very clear - give those in the media the ability to run counter-stories to successful Tea Party gatherings, effectively cutting Tea Party media exposure in half.

The founder is OFA staff, and has been a part of left wing organizers for years. The Facebook group is a top-down managed group that opens chapters in cities, identifies organizers, and broadcasts talking points. From this, the Twitter #p2 crowd jumps in, yapping about civility and the need for intelligent discourse.

The first point is the obvious one. Those who accuse the Tea Party of a lack of civility are a day late and a dollar short. The manufactured media meme of Townhall rage didn't happen until the summer, and even then, it was the orders from Margarida Jorge on how to structure fake rallies that got people riled up. Lock hundreds of people out of townhalls while you let union members in handicap entrances and you're not really setting yourself up for civil speech. Throw in violence and physical intimidation, and you'll get that the Tea Party members had every right to get angry.

Yes, that was the SEIU part, when they beat up Kenneth Gladney, a vendor of Gadsden flags. Read on for the next phase of these phony groups but real thugs. And then there's the media fraud. (How come they only interview one guy? Mr. antithesis) What a surprise.

P.S. Let's recall what CNN didn't show at the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party last year. Gee, why would anyone be upset about this?

And according to the media we're the ignorant ones. Another refresher:

Final footnote, a refrain:
I love this comment on the CNN embarrassment:

How should those of us who attend Tea Parties respond to "reporting" like CNN's Susan Roesgen?

Susan Roesgen to Citizen: Don't you realize that you're eligible for a $400 tax cut!?!?

Citizen: OK, let me illustrate how I feel about that. Say I'm a Politician. Susan, I'm going to GIVE you a $400 gift! Aren't I wonderful? All I need from you is to borrow your credit card...[hold out hand for card]

CNN: You want to use MY credit card to buy ME a gift?

Citizen: Along with a few other things; just $6000 or so. I'm a politician; I have NEEDS --- EXPENSIVE needs.

CNN: $6000!?!

Citizen: This year's budget will borrow $1.85 TRILLION -- that's over $6000 for every man, woman & child in America. But we're getting a $400 "tax cut". You seem to think that's a great deal.
And that's just this year's budget. As ol James Traficant used to say on the House floor, beam me up Scotty.
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