Monday, April 19, 2010

Who is being incendiary?

The Tribune sends reporter Richard Serrano down to Oklahoma City to fan conspiracy theories and try to tie Tea Parties to insurrectionist and domestic terrorist behavior.

Interesting. And despicable. Despicable:

Any anniversary is hard for those losing a loved one to whatever cause. Birthday. Wedding. Day of death. Rounded anniversaries — 10 years, 15 years, 50 — aren’t necessarily more significant to the survivors than an "ordinary” mark of time.

They seem to matter more to the media and society than to the survivors. They matter most to those who exploit anniversaries for a political agenda or to rekindle the long-doused fires of conspiracy theories.

Funny, on another page in the Tribune there's a poll that shows distrust of the government is mainstream--as is distrust of the national media. I would add to that local media, which exacerbated tensions by crowding around to interview a single counter-demonstrator at Chicago's Tea Party.

As far as assertion of states' rights, that is mainstream as well. Looking back, post-Katrina, New Orleans and the state of Louisiana had their hands full trying to stop looting and crime in the devastated city--they had numerous volunteers rescuing people from their homes and probably could have used more people to protect life after the flooding abated. In the wake of ObamaCare, 10th amendment sentiment is serious--witness how many states are challenging the constitutionality of forcing citizens to buy a health care policy against their will--not to mention unfunded mandates forced on the states.

How about investigating our own--domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and FOBarack, retired from bomb-making and murderous intent but teaching little recruits in the schools, and how about those people in Chicago toting guns and actually murdering people, including schoolchildren? You know, I think they're called gangs.

P.S. Let's watch this again. Kathy Barkulis, (who took on CNN's Susan Roesgen last year), video of her awesome speech at the Tea Party this year.

Just received an email from the Keyboard Militia with a link to photos of the Alton, Illinois Tea Party. Don't call me angry.

More. The American Spectator. TWS on the Tea Parties, including Michael Barone, who references CNN in Chicago last year.

...Can we talk about the media's selective outrage? Hmm, Blue Rage and Red Rage :
Lethal Bush-hatred soon metastasized beyond the print and electronic media, to be represented in the graphic arts: At Chicago's Columbia College, a curated exhibit included a sheet of mock postage stamps bearing the words "Patriot Act" and depicting President Bush with a gun to his head.
Hmm, and I recall on the walls of New Trier High School poster cartoons of President Bush as a monkey. [One more--who can forget our own Sen. Dick Durbin comparing our defenders to Nazis]

... NPR with some sense: Distrusting Government: As American As Apple Pie

WSJ: Andrew Kohut: Americans Are More Skeptical of Washington Than Ever

More. Rush reminds us of Waco, which I was reminded of the other day,
The Senate bill which ultimately passed doesn't outline enforcement penalties, but the original House bill implied jail time, confirmed by Congress' Joint Committee on Taxation, so we haven't conjured this worry out of thin air. And who knows what these unprincipled Dems will shove through next? No, they probably won't be toting guns, despite libertarian Rep. Ron Paul's assertion, but maybe he can't forget what happened in a neighboring congressional district-- the thuggish and horrifying civil liberties abuse at Waco--children died at the hands of the ATF trying to "save" them-- under the Dem Clinton administration. Yes, Koresh was nuts but the government was criminally incompetent--76 people died.
but I hadn't remembered Oklahoma City was on the anniversary of that shameful attack.Limbaugh Blasts Clinton: Didn’t Waco Raid Inspire OKC Bombing?

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