Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Dem Logo Looks Like ACORN's

And why not? Some slight honesty from the DNC. A political machine that skims off the top and loots taxpayer dollars.

Treating honest Americans as the enemy.

A Big Government bullseye on our backs.

The DNC's new slogan? "Change that matters". Matters for the select few who benefit. A change from the old "change we can believe in".

Because almost no one believes The One's words any more. The economy is dead in the water, the Dem tax and spend uncertainty too high, the drag of impending ObamaCare too costly. It's not just small business, the only real job creators in the country, who are hit hard, it's seniors. And they vote.

The Tea Party is having an impact even in blue states, the battleground is shifting further into them as well.

All most Americans ask for is a level playing field, not equality of outcomes. Oh, but for leftist elites, rules are for other people--some are more equal than others.

This new logo is a womb to the tomb prison ring.

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