Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NRA Mucks Up in South Dakota


South Dakota War College: From my mailbox: Kristi Noem Endorsed by South Dakota Sportsmen & Second Amendment Supporters :
While many from the group are members of the NRA, they will not be following the NRA endorsement recommendation and instead will support Noem.

“On many issues, the NRA is a strong voice for gun owners, but on the issue of who to support for South Dakota’s lone seat in Congress, we are supporting Kristi Noem,” the group said in an open letter to gun owners across the state.

In the letter the group explained why they are supporting Noem, “Kristi is a lifelong hunter. She was born, raised and continues to live today in rural Hamlin County, South Dakota. She grew up understanding the importance of the Second Amendment… Kristi also took her support for the Second Amendment to the State Legislature where she introduced legislation to strengthen our Second Amendment rights.”

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