Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dem Senator Conrad Throws in the Towel

Is ObamaCare DOOMED in 2012. Ha. Look at the map:)Can we elect a veto-proof majority?

Can we sweep out The ONE? (Is Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois running for president on the Dem paradise of Illinois model?)

P.S. Can we quote Teddy now, on deregulating health care? (not just JFK on supply side econ)

Beginning in 1975, Kennedy held U.S. Senate hearings that showcased the fact that the cost per mile for an inter-state air ticket from -- say -- New York to Washington, D.C. was several times higher than it was for trips of comparable distance inside Texas. Roused by this evidence, Kennedy thundered on the Senate floor: "Regulators all too often encourage or approve unreasonably high prices, inadequate service, and anti-competitive behavior. The cost of this regulation is always passed on to the consumer. And that cost is astronomical.
RIP Teddy. Your legacy lives on. From sea to shining sea.

Kent Conrad. To the left of Teddy. Blue Dog Dems on the run with their tails between their legs.

...And here's the ticking time bomb on the economy:

In addition to the two recessions since 2001, and in addition to increased security costs, by far the biggest problem that the industry has faced over the past decade has been increased fuel prices. Since 2002, the cost of labor, measured in cents per available seat, has been reduced by more than 25 percent -- going from a little more than four cents per mile to under three cents. Unfortunately, over the same time, the cost of fuel has shot up from a little more than one cent per mile to more than three cents per mile. For the first time, the cost of fuel equals or exceeds the cost of labor.
Well, we don't have an energy policy, do we. We have a ride your bike to work and pay through the nose for the privilege approach. (A really big hit outside Dem urban enclaves, you betcha.) Couple that with a possible rise in food prices here along with continued joblessness and you've got the makings of an economy stupid election.

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