Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“Fargo...It’s a way to offshore without necessarily going as far as India or China.”

Microsoft's been there 10 years and growing. Lower costs are key, especially in this costly Big Government environment.

Approaching a century ago, can we learn from Calvin Coolidge to help us now? Chicago Boyz. Capitalism and freedom, and some really ugly current charts.

Over in Kansas City: U.S. economy is being suffocated by uncertainty. Crushing regulations and credit squeeze.

From savvy Mary in Illinois:
Watch some of the French Open this weekend. Miss Li, freed from the government run sports program, is now the first from her nation to win a grand slam event. In addition, she will only pay 12% of her $1.7 million check for winning the French Open to the Chinese government instead of the 67% the government demands of the players under its control. Less regulation. Lower taxes. Improved results. If China can figure out that control coupled with low rewards don't produce the desired results, why can't Washington?
Why indeed. China sounds like Illinois. America is heading there, though we have at least one other bright spot.

Meanwhile, Obama's campaign guru thinks it's WWII:
With their hopes dashed of substantial improvement in unemployment anytime soon, aides indicated that the theme was likely to be less “morning in America” and more “don’t change horses in midstream.”
Mr. Axelrod said: “We’re not going to be putting up a ‘Mission Accomplished’ sign. Part of the message is going to be we have to see these things through.”
In an interview at his Chicago consulting offices, Mr. Axelrod repeatedly said “stability” for the middle class would be central.
Oh, wow, locked into stagnation, or worse. It's a war all right "Obama's troops...already on the ground", but we're the enemy. As Peggy Noonan notes, this president is really, really cold to those who disagree with him--which is a lot of the country these days.

Not all Americans can or will vote with their feet, but if we want America to still be America, we've got to vote this guy out.

More. Via RCP: Chinese entrepreneurs leaving China. Gordon Chang, Forbes:
  Beijing, since 2008, has been targeting private entrepreneurs and abusing them even more than usual, so it is natural they are now trying to protect themselves from a rapacious state.
Escaping crony commies. Some are coming here, some to Canada. Entrepreneurs unite! Lose the chains.

David Skeel: The Real Cost of the Auto Bailouts

...Latest wrong track poll, The Hill, voters looking ahead to where they'll be in Nov. 2012. HT Memeorandum. Will you better off? Just 25% think so. Not an Obama winning the future outlook these days.

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