Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Minnesota Polls Red on Blue Governor

The spoiled aristobrat Dem Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton--remember him, the Senator who fled D.C. in fear--is getting a slap in the face from his constituents. True North with the KSTP poll.

Perhaps they read about his spending priorities, keeping the chef and gardener--let me eat cake--while letting the rest of the state go hang.

The liberal Minneapolis Star Tribune thinks the newly-elected Republican legislature should split the difference--gee, let's just go in the red a little less bloody with borrowed money (tax the rich!), but the new GOP Senate majority leader--she's hanging tough:)

(Wisconsin's not doing too badly these days either.)

I watched this play out in the city at the #ro11 conference this weekend. Illinois could learn a thing or two.

Powerline with more.

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