Monday, July 27, 2009

Base and Battleground

Who hails from here? The Republican 2012 candidates (2010 bounce back again?). Romney, no, well he could claim Utah by the Olympics, but he'll have to make his case in Iowa again. His needed know-how on the economy is a win for him--healthcare, he'll have to explain what happened in Massachusetts. Granted, the Dems and Gov. Patrick took it too far. I think Huckebee has a ceiling on his appeal, limited mostly to the south, but we'll see. Jindal inherits a hundred years of Dem hegemony in Louisiana--but he's made progress at last, GOP style. Will it translate to other states? Pawlenty governs in blue-leaning Minnesota, yet he held the line on spending--and outsmarted the Dems. And it's Sarah America now, out from Alaska--her accent is a natural in the Middle Coast.

So there you are. The Middle Coast is base and battleground both.

A tea party or two along the way won't go amiss.

Who better to chronicle what is at stake than us Middle Coasters? :)

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