Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Peterson Under Fire

7th district Minnesota Dem Congressman Collin Peterson feeling the heat on his ill-judged remark. Front page, Fargo Forum:
State GOP Chairman Tony Sutton called it “really bizarre,” but said the comment should help the GOP recruit candidates to run against Peterson.

The veteran congressman said his constituents know him and know they can reach him when needed.
But not at a town meeting, apparently.
The next election is more than 15 months away, but Sutton said there is no doubt Monday’s quote will energize western Minnesota Republicans.

“I have got a feeling it is going to be a lot better,” Sutton said of candidate recruitment. “I think Collin Peterson has gotten by and says, ‘Ah, shucks, I am one of you’ ” when in his 7th Congressional District, but then votes with liberals in Washington. Sutton said Republicans have done a poor job of telling voters that in the past, but “we are not going to let it happen again.”

Some Republicans already are considering challenging Peterson, the GOP chairman said.
Time for a change. Yes we can.

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