Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Show Me State Tea Parties

Why are people in St. Louis so irate about Sen. Claire McCaskill? Could it be because her husband fueled her rise with "affordable" housing deals essentially paid for by taxpayers? Have they gone bust? Just speculating here. Could it be because he was her Tony Rezko/Valerie Jarrett much as they were to our President Barack Obama?

Could it be because there was vote fraud by ACORN, heavily involved with her campaign, much as they were with our President Barack Obama's, and ACORN is set to receive billions in federal largesse for just about everything under the sun?

Could it be because they see the Dem Chicago Way chicanery and incompetence in their neighboring state of Illinois, and bankruptcy for them and the country, heading Michigan and California way?

Could it be because Sen. Claire McCaskill is one of our President Barack Obama's biggest backers, going to bat for him on the now let me be clear-ly failed stimulus program? Could it be because her staff blew off tea party citizens at her constituent office, refusing to meet with them and calling the police? Could it be because she and our President Barack Obama are trying to take over their lives and end of life decisions through a massive Big Brother healthcare regime that will deny and ration care and cost billions more?

Could that be it?

Could that be why Sen. Claire McCaskill didn't even have the guts to show at a town meeting in her own state?

P.S. A tale from New Jersey. "He knew everybody". Reihl World View.

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