Friday, January 22, 2010

Court date moved in Gladney case

Blogger 24thState:
I'm sitting on top of original video that could be passed to the county prosecutor, and I've called and left my number should he want it. It's rather strange that a counselor would count on YouTube videos and not original video that no one but those who shot it and myself have seen, but hey - I wouldn't have waited four months to press charges so what could I possibly know about swift application of the law? I figure we'll wait to see what the prosecutor does, and what McCowan, Molens, Matthews, Johner, and Spitz say, and then release the video ourselves. This has the added benefit that if we give video to the prosecutor, he has to share it with the defense. If I hold onto it, they don't know what we have, and if witnesses for the defense lie, we'll be able to prove it. I think 18 minutes of footage and over 100 photographs from the event ought to be enough to determine who was there and what they said. Don't you?
That was quite a town meeting. Illuminating the thuggery of the powers that be in more ways than one.

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