Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Show-Me State

Even though they like her better...Blunt tops Carnahan in latest Senate race poll. KC Star.

It's the substance that puts the GOP ahead.

And the rebuttal to the Missouri Dem governor's state of the state by the GOP Lt. Governor, in part:

These are tough times, and I know you’re here tonight and watching at home because you want honest answers about the future of our state.

12 months ago, Governor Nixon announced that hundreds of millions of dollars of so-called “stimulus” funds were heading to Missouri. And, despite our warnings, he irresponsibly chose to balance his budget with that money.

Here we are, one year later. And due to the governor’s failure to act swiftly to address the budget crisis, we now face an even bigger shortfall.

As for those federal stimulus dollars: the Governor has already spent over 80% of that money.

You see, we were promised that this money would help put people back to work. But today our state is facing a nearly 10% unemployment rate; the highest rate in over a quarter of a century. Just days ago we found out that Missouri lost another twenty-six hundred jobs in December, adding to the thousands of Missourians who have lost their jobs since Governor Nixon took office.

Tonight, just like Washington politicians, Governor Nixon called for several new government programs. But each of these new programs will cost money—money that we do not have.

Read on, read on. The governor cooked the books with "Wall Street-style accounting" and kept the people in the dark. Sounds familiar. All across the country.

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