Friday, January 8, 2010

Dems Could Lose the House

Via IBD. The non-partisan Cook Political Report broaches the subject and backs it up with numbers. The Massachusetts special election Senate race will be another key indicator, after GOP gubernatorial wins in purple Virginia and blue New Jersey this fall.

9 reasons why the Dec. jobs report is bad news for Dems. James Pethokoukis:

8. Combine a weak labor market – which may appear to be getting worse to voters – with the moribund housing market and rising gas prices, and you got a toxic triple threat that will be poisonous to Democratic incumbents and further drain Obama’s political capital.

But maybe they will steal the election the Chicago Way. Ed Lasky, The American Thinker. Maybe Rahmbo will have a new under the radar job. SEIU, ACORN, perhaps with new names. HT Steve Bartin.

We have to fight back so it's not close.

More. WaPo:

Gone is the bravado of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who a year ago in his farewell address to his House Democratic colleagues predicted that 2010 would resemble 1934. That year, for the third consecutive cycle, Democrats picked up seats as the public rallied behind President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal."

Instead, the Rothenberg Political Report is predicting that "substantial Republican gains now look almost inevitable." In the House, Rothenberg, an independent handicapper, considers 47 Democratic seats and just 14 GOP seats as competitive. Republicans need a net gain of 40 to take the majority.

We have to fight so they can't steal it.

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