Monday, June 28, 2010

All the bad guys are big Dem donors and flunkies

BP wrote the Cap and Trade legislation Russ Carnahan voted for. BP stands to make hundreds of billions from Cap and Trade. BP lobbyists hang out with Russ at Maryland Yacht Clubs. The stimulus bill Russ voted on but admitred he didn't read gave his brother $90 million dollars, and cap and trade would make the Carnahan family wind farms competitive in the energy market. Goldman Sachs stands to make hundreds of billions off cap and trade. And to top it off, Franklin Raines, the former disgraced CEO of Fannie Mae, owns the patent on a cap and trade system, and no one has ever explained how that is possible.

President Obama, finally coming to Missouri to campaign for Robin Carnahan, was the single biggest recipient of campaign cash from BP, Goldman Sachs, and Fannie Mae.

Read on, 24thState.

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