Thursday, June 10, 2010

Americans are uneasy for America

Terrorism had receded as an issue in the last election cycle, but starting with Scott Brown's campaign juxtaposed with the Christmas bomber, hard on the heels of the Ft. Hood massacre, it ranks right up there now with the national debt.

Of course we've since had the Times Square attempted bombing, the arrests in the Boston suburbs, and Jew-hatred exposed by the unreasoned world condemnation of Israel defending itself from terrorists hiding behind foolish humanitarians.

Americans are uneasy because we don't know whose side the president is on.

Well, we probably do, don't we.

And that's why it ranks high.

Now some want to build a mosque at Ground Zero.

Americans are uneasy.

...but there's hope at home:) A comeback for Fargo--well, it's already here. But Omaha too.

Video. Joel Kotkin: Why America Will Still Lead the World in 2050

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