Monday, August 23, 2010

Does SD need Herseth-Sandlin's brand of political royalty?

...she is political royalty. The daughter of a longtime state legislator, granddaughter of a former governor and a former state secretary of state, Herseth Sandlin is sometimes called "South Dakota's princess."
Washington Post profile of her race vs. Republican Kristi Noem.

The Democrat Herseth-Sandlin is a vote for Nancy Pelosi's poison pill for America. She voted for the stimulus--a big waste and a jobs bust:
"The whole philosophy behind what they have promoted . . . has been completely out of step with South Dakota," Noem said at her home, Racotah Ranch, in tiny Castlewood, about 100 miles north of Sioux Falls. "South Dakotans identify with having the freedom to make choices for themselves, believing in competition and being able to run their small businesses the way that they see fit, not being forced with dealing with government mandates all the time."
And it will only get worse, in red ink and lost jobs unless we throw the Dems out in November.

...Anything to say Stephanie? You voted for this:
The federal government has served as enabler. Although the special tax-free status it bestows on municipal bonds amounts to a subsidy, Washington does little to enforce responsible budgeting. In its fiscal stimulus packages of 2009 and 2010, for instance, the federal government funneled hundreds of billions of dollars to the states without regard for their fiscal practices, treating irresponsibility in New Jersey and New York the same as prudence in, say, Texas and Indiana.
Or say, South Dakota. Dem spendthrifts need to be held accountable. That means YOU.

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