Monday, September 28, 2009

ACORN Connections in Senate races

The Carnahan campaign. An issue in the Senate race of the perennial swing state of Missouri, already neck and neck. 24th State. It's practically incestuous.

An issue in the Illinois Senate race as well. Lately these races aren't close here, but this year may be different.

How many other races will ACORN impact?

In hindsight, what about ACORN's role in Minnesota Sen. Al Franken's victory? Katherine Kersten, Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

And can the Dems win without ACORN?

P.S. And as long as we're thinking along these lines, what about Wisconsin? There has been documented vote fraud in Milwaukee, which could impact a Feingold race--he's up in 2010. We know they targeted key states for the Obama victory. Other Senate races? Well, I can't imagine North Dakota has an issue. Ah yes, Nevada. Hmm, Ohio. Well, Jennifer Brunner?! That's enough for now. Bears watching.

P.P.S. Can Princess the Goldfish survive?

More. ACORN head organizer in Missouria admits dual roles. 24th State.

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