Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School Bus Beating in Belleville

St. Louis media.Story. Video. Belleville News Democrat story:
Police are calling the Monday morning attack of a Belleville West High School student on a school bus racially motivated.

Two black juvenile suspects are in custody after they allegedly beat a white student on a bus heading to Belleville West, police and school officials said.

The two student suspects have been suspended. The bus driver just said sit down and drove on.

More. St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

A Belleville police spokesman now says an incident where a white student was beaten by teen black assailants on a bus “may not be racially motivated.”

“It was premature on my part,” said Belleville Police Capt. Don Sax. “It was my personal and emotional comment after only seeing the video briefly.”
Hmm. More reaction:

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