Monday, September 14, 2009

T-Paw vs. The One

While a massive Tea Party protest was going on in DC, what was our President Barack Obama doing in Minnesota? Was he lauding the Mayo model?

He gave lip service to it, but the Dem bills do not incorporate what really works at the Mayo Clinic.

Prior to The One's visit, Minnesota Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty outlined his top ten list of things to know about healthcare in Minnesota. The liberal Minneapolis Tribune notes the list but mentions only one of the ten. Here's a video of his remarks.

Dems are already targeting
the possible GOP presidential contender. Gee, why don't they show the whole clip with Cavuto? Characterizing the Minnesota Nice governor as extreme won't work.

Pawlenty is making the media rounds. His appearance on ABC's This Week, video via RCP. Expect T-Paw to take on The One again.

P.S. The Minnesota GOP ran an ad in honor of the president's visit.

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