Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good for Democracy

Resistance is not futile. The public is resisting. We've seen the polling tracking a steady rise in opposition to Fannie Med ObamaCare. We have the generic Congressional ballot flipping over to favor the GOP.

Despite the Democrats' latest attempt to smear concerned Americans at townhalls as a mob, the truth will out. It's not just ObamaCare, it's a culmination of the failed stimulus, the nearly TRILLION dollar budget, and the mother of all tax bills, Waxman-Markey. Congressmen in the heartland and in blue states (tho no news flash NY Times still delusional) alike are at risk of being voted out of office--and that's good for democracy.

So stand up at town meetings--ask your questions. And if your congressman isn't holding one, call them up and ask them why not. That's what Americans do.

P.S. Don't let coops become a Trojan Horse on healthcare. Heritage.

And in case you missed this, a report from Pennsylvania--where robocalls went out to presumably Dem voters for a Blue Dog townhall meeting. This is real outrage folks. We know it. We've never seen this before, we've never done this before. Silent majority no more.

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