Thursday, August 27, 2009

GOP Tweets Compete

Interesting analysis from Smart Politics on the political cyber-war in Minnesota:

Nationwide, Democrats have historically been seen as the political party most effectively using new technologies on the Internet - crystallized by the remarkable campaign fundraising of 2004 Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean and the mobilization of support via online networks during Barack Obama's 2008 victorious presidential campaign.

In Minnesota, however, Democrats do not hold such an advantage in the land of Twitter. Despite having fewer members in each delegation, Republican lawmakers line up an equal number of Twitter users as DFLers in the U.S. House (2 each) and State Senate (3 each). In the State House, 17 percent of both the GOP (8 of 47) and DFL (15 of 87) caucuses have active Twitter accounts.

Who has the motivation and momentum to compete hard in this next election cycle?

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