Saturday, August 1, 2009

Minnesota Dem Misfire

Obscene link in anti-Pawlenty attack. And liberal gasbag (tho I used to like his show) Garrison Keillor's bookstore is robbed. The name? Common Good Books. Taking the name seriously--helping themselves to other people's money. Pioneer Press:
The burglars got in by smashing a window in the store's front door.

The duo headed straight for the registers and thousands in cash, bypassing the store's best-sellers, "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" and "The Turtle Catcher."
Well, I can understand that, they're not your usual summer reading. Nor did they help themselves to any of Keillor's autographed books, an interesting detail that was in the liberal Minneapolis Tribune print edition for the hinterlands but somehow was skipped online.

P.S. Resurging Republicans in blue state Minnesota. HotAir. And I don't imagine things will improve for the Dems soon with this guy--maybe it's already had an effect.

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  1. Obviously, they were not there for literary enlightenment, just the cash & carry policy...