Thursday, February 18, 2010

About Those Billboards

Bumper stickers aren't enough any more. Americans are so outraged by what's going on in Washington they're resorting to billboards to get their message out. A miss me yet Bush billboard sprouted up north of the Twin Cities. True North reports two small businessman have owned up to the deed.

Over in Iowa the theme is NObama.

And in Illinois, who can forget the excessive over the highway signs of our recently impeached governor Blago. Folks shudder at sightings of the supposed project signs, a reminder of the waste and corruption the state is noted for, gone to Washington. As my friend Marathon Pundit notes, Illinois unemployment is in double digits.

Still, I can find something to be cheerful about, recalling an old song sung by my dad who lived through the Depression, though he was a kid then.
I love a billboard, I always will, because a billboard gives me such a thrill.
When I was a little child, a circus billboard drove me wiiiiiiild.
Americans are still expressing themselves through billboards. They're not all government ones yet.

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