Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dem Lt. Gov Primary Winner Shocker: Pawnbroker & Hooker

Major media asleep at the wheel or looks the other way until after the election. And how about the Dem machine? Falling down on the job. Sun Times front page:
Election Winners Shocking Past: Pawnbroker who won Democratic nod for lieutenant governor was arrested several years ago for allegedly holding a knife to prostitute ex-girlfriend's neck.
Story. He told the Sun Times columnist Mark Brown about it months ago but Brown didn't take him seriously. Cohen says he fell in with the wrong crowd. Well. How about now. Tribune online this morning. These paragraphs from the print edition which somehow disappeared online:
Candidates for Illinois governor and lieutenant governor run separately in the primary but as a team in the general election--a quirk in state law that has led to some strange political marriages in the past and one notable disaster for Democrats. In 1986 , Democratic governor candidate Adlai Stevenson III bolted the party after primary voters paired him with a lieutenant governor candidate who was an acolyte of political extremist Lyndon LaRouche. Stevenson lost the general election.

The job has been described as the most boring office in state government and its occupants rarely have a meaningful role in policymaking. But the post took on new importance last year when Democrat Pat Quinn ascended to the top job after Rod Blagojevich was arrested on corruption charges, impeached and ousted from office in January.
John Kass: A pawnbroker and a hooker story make Illinois elections into a political tearjerker.

This is Democrat Illinois, America.

More. RedState.

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