Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Conservatives did well in Illinois

In three suburban Chicago congressional races, the 8th, the 10th and the 14th a conservative candidate won over their GOP primary challenger. In the case of the 10th, the open Mark Kirk seat, conservatives had three candidates and still managed to beat the RINO.

The Republican establishment candidate for governor Andy McKenna is a sure loser, while conservative Bill Brady is in the lead, albeit a slim one over moderate Kirk Dillard.

GOP Senate primary winner
Mark Kirk is not a conservative, but assuming he prevails in the fall, which is a good bet given the incompetence and corruption of the Dem candidate, this would be a Republican pick-up--and that of the old Obama seat to boot:)

Illinois' results continue the conservative/independent narrative begun in upstate New York, New Jersey and Virginia, and most spectacularly in Massachusetts.

Engage. Full speed ahead.

More. Interesting piece on Palin and the Tea Parties. As far as the suburban mention by Continetti, I would just make mention of the landslide loss for a big ticket tax increase in a district that has been trending Dem and went for Obama last time. It's the 10th.

P.S. Kirk's earlier outreach to Palin.

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