Friday, February 19, 2010

What will Claire do?

Will she join her fellow Dems in shoving through a healthcare bill America has overwhelmingly rejected? Will she make a mockery of bipartisanship before the supposed bipartisan summit next week? Prime Buzz:

As Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill wings her way back to the U.S. today after a week in southwest Asia, a letter sits on her desk, awaiting her signature.

The letter, to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, calls on him to bring the public health insurance option back up for a vote.

This time, through, the Senate Democrats who signed the letter want a vote on the measure through reconciliation, a process by which it could pass with limited debate and require only a simple majority – 51 votes.

If the Senate flouts democracy this way by using a measure meant for budgets, not a takeover of 20% of the U.S. economy, Democrats will reap hell once again at the polls, this time in the fall. No excuses any more. It's a failure of leadership. What will you do, Claire? Will you be a leader?

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