Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweet Joins the Sexual Slurs Crowd

She puts it in quotes but it's still there and elicited what she expected.

Who would have thought that political correctness would have evolved from those smiley-faced inanities in the 70's to excusing gross sexual slurs against Americans the left doesn't agree with.

Perhaps it was Palin that tipped her over the edge.

Perhaps we should ask Sweet's usual subject the First Lady if she thinks this is appropriate language for the public discourse. But then her husband has already used that term.

P.S. Will this kind of smutty talk play in Iowa? Poll: 33% of Iowans across the political spectrum support tea partiers

P.P.S. Wake up and smell the coffee, lefties.

More. Critical Narrative:Left Attacks Sarah Palin with Junior High Level Sexual Jokes

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